PCT Day 13... Hitching into Big Bear Lake


It was cold enough last night for me to need to sleep with my water filter in my sleeping bag to keep it from freezing solid. When my alarm went off at 5 am, I made the executive decision to rest until my second alarm buzzed at 5:30. Even then, I was so cozy in my sleeping bag, that it took great effort to get moving.

I had a 10 mile downhill hike to the road where I was going to hitch into Big Bear Lake. I shared the walk down with Ashes and Rocket Man.  When we got down to the road, we were just starting to put up our trekking poles and were discussing which side of the road to stick out our thumbs, when a lady nicknamed Gish pulled over and offered a ride to town. We did not even have to put out our thumbs!  Rocket Man and I were dropped off at the grocery store, but first we went to next door to Jersey Mikes to get an early lunch. I ordered a giant Italian sub, it was great! After lunch, we went to the grocery store to resupply.


I guess that I was still hungry, as I purchased too much food and I was going to need give some of it away as it would not all fit into my pack. As I was finishing packing my supplies, Oliver walked up. He mentioned that he had camped five miles before I stopped the night prior. I gave him my extra eatings. He recommended walking to the other side of the lake before hitching a ride back to the trail.  We did and it took about 30 minutes to catch a ride out of town and back to the trailhead.

The rest of the day was spent hiking. I took it slower than usual as my left ankle was hurting a bit.  The day was partly overcast and with a high of 60 degrees making it pretty good weather to be trekking. When I got to camp around 6 p.m., there were already four other people set up, Cowboy Princess, Butter Cup, Tri-Tip, and Ninja Turtle.

I cold soaked my dinner since I had forgotten to pick up a new fuel canister. I still have some fuel, but I am not sure how much, and want to save it for a couple of dinners coming up. Cold soaking is very simple - it is not heating the water before adding the food, which in my case was ramen. It takes quite a bit longer for the food to be ready in cold water; my ramen took almost 20 minutes.

Around 7:00 that evening, Oliver came hiking up and set up camp here too. Tri-Tip decided to climb up one of the trees at camp and he was able to get pretty high up. He had way more energy than I did. At 8:30 Tri-Tip read a bedtime story about Glaciers.


Arrastre Trail Camp to Caribou Creek

Miles Hiked: 18.8

Location: Latitude: 34.28962; Longitude: -116.88377 

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