PCT Day 11... 200 Miles Rattlesnakes in the Desert


 Today turned out to be a typical desert hiking day that I had expected starting out. Oliver and I hiked together again. I came across two snakes while hiking; one that I could not tell the type, and the other a rattlesnake. The rattlesnake freaked me out.  I got very close before it rattled its tail and coiled into a defensive pose.


The first 12 miles of the hike today was downhill until we followed the trail under Highway 10.  Three miles in, we crossed the 200 mile mark!  At the bottom of the mountain there was a man who was supporting his son on his PCT hike and providing food to other hikers. His trail name was Pleasure Way, due to the name of his van. Super nice guy. He gave us some fresh fruit which provided some needed relief from the heat.

The rest of the hike was uphill for the most part and was extremely exposed. It was a hot day. Around 4 pm we crossed a river and decided to take a break. I took my shoes off and soaked my feet and it felt great to cool my feet down. We pushed on two more hours and six more miles to camp beside Mission Creek. We had dinner on the edge of the creek, and again soaked our feet.


Miles Hiked: 28.9

Tent Site to Mission Creek

Location: Latitude: 34.04334; Longitude: -116.65707 

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