PCT Day 7... First Week of Hiking the PCT Complete!

Pacific Crest Trail Grand Views.jpg

Today completes my first week on the trail. The weather so far has been very challenging.  Overnight, the cold weather had frozen the moisture on our tents and made for slow moving this morning.  I was the first one to head out of camp today. As I was hiking out, I nodded to Black-Squatch as he was getting out of his tent to begin his day.

On the trail, I hiked past many of the people that I had met earlier at Mike’s Place. Later this morning, at a water tank, I met a man named One Gallon. He was out on the PCT to finish his 4th Triple Crown. (A Triple Crown is where you hike the Pacific Crest Trail, the Appalachian Trail and Continental Divide Trail). As we talked, it became clear that he was a man that has seen many places. He said that he had not only hiked all over the United States, but also canoed throughout the boundary waters to Hudson Bay, making his way all of the way to the Atlantic Coast. I had the chance to hike with him for a while, and we talked about different sections of the PCT and different challenges that go along with each of those sections. I hope to use those insights as I get further down the trail.


Today, I also hiked with two people who had stayed at our camp last night. We took a break, had lunch together under the shade of a tree, and talked about the crazy weather we have experienced so far.

By the time I arrived at the campsite, I was glad that I had pushed myself to go the extra 1.5 miles this afternoon. Because when I got there, I met an interesting guy named Mark (the second Mark that I have met so far). He is originally from Australia and had moved to the Bay Area in California at the turn of the century. While in Australia, he was on the crew who had flown the Australian equivalent of Air Force One.

I pushed myself harder today than I had originally intended, which is okay, as I plan on stopping at an upcoming town called Idyllwild tomorrow and hopefully will take my first shower of my adventure!


Miles Hiked: 28.0

Tent Site to Tent Site

Location: Latitude: 33.64828; Longitude: -116.56679 

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