PCT Day 4... Trail Magic


This morning, I began my day extra early at 5 am.  As night was breaking, I hiked back to a previous water source a half mile back down the trail to top off my water supply for the day.  In the desert, even with all of this rain, identifying water sources is a main priority.  According to my map, there was not going to be any reliable water for the next 20 miles.

Similar to the last several days, today was very windy and rainy.  The high temperatures for the last several days has been only in the thirties and low forties.  I could not really stop anywhere due to how exposed the trail is out here. There is very little protection from the wind or the rain and with the strong wind gusts, you lose body heat very fast if you do stop.  The one area that I came across which offered protection was an overpass which the trail ran under.  I took an extended break there with the additional bonus that there was a water cash left there for hikers.


When someone leaves food or water, it is known as trail magic.  Trail magic is really helpful because it allows you to focus on your journey.  After a good break, I kept hiking and began to look for a tent site that offered enough shelter for my tent system to work.  This proved to be a real challenge.  I had to keep pushing on well past when I was wanting to stop.  I was getting pretty stressed, when after several hours of looking, I still could not find an area offering enough protection.

Thankfully, I eventually found an area to camp. I think I may change tents to the one I carried on the AT (Appalachian Trail) as it offers more protection than my tarp system with this wind.

All three people that I met today were from out of the country. I have so far run into more foreign travelers on the PCT than people from the states. Which is cool but also surprising.  With the weather, many hikers have found shelter or are staying in their tents, offering solitude to this first section of the trail

Miles Hiked: 25.6

Tent Site to Tent Site

Location: Latitude: 33.13873; Longitude: -116.50334

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