PCT Day 3... Waking Up to Winter Wonderland


Last night I was not able to fall asleep until around 2 am.  It was at that time that the primary stake that was holding my trekking (tent) poles popped out of the ground. Up until that point, I had managed to stay dry. The weather has changed dramatically since I first got on the trail.  The wind was blowing very hard and the water slowly turning to ice with the temperatures continuing to drop.


I quickly jumped out of my tent, fixed the stake, and jumped back into my sleeping bag. However, only 15 minutes later, with the wind gusting, it happened again. So at 2:30 in the morning, I took all my gear and moved into the restroom. The owner of the campground had offered their restrooms as a shelter if the weather got too bad.  Once out of the wind, I was finally able to fall asleep.

I awoke at 6:30.  When I poked my head out the restroom, it was snowing. This was not the weather I was expecting in the desert.  I sheltered in the restroom until around 9:45 when it had died down enough venture outside.  As I was trying to determine whether or not to hike at all that day, John offered to share a cabin in town and wait out the storm.  I decided, however to go ahead and begin my day’s hike. After a few hours it turned into a great day for hiking, although it was still extremely windy.


Once at a protected area on the trail, I set my equipment out to dry. I prepared an early dinner about 4:30, ate, cleaned up, and continued hiking for another hour and a half. I set up camp with one of the guys I shared a tent site with yesterday and a couple of Aussie “blokes” that I played leap frog with on the trail. Leap frogging is when you pass someone on the trail, then later on they pass you, and so on.

After getting camp all set up, I sat down to type up the days exploits when suddenly John hiked up. I was not expecting to see him as he had said he was going to stay in town, but the weather turned nice, and so he decided to hike too.

Miles Hiked: 18.4 miles

Mount Laguna to trail tent site

Location: Latitude: 33.13873; Longitude: -116.50334

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