PCT Day 1... The Pacific Crest Trail Journey Begins

After I finished writing the blog for yesterday, I tried to sleep. However, I was buffeted through the thin walls by a booming San Diego nightlife. I finally fell asleep around midnight after going to the lobby and asking if they had earplugs.


The day before, I set up an early Uber from the hostel to the trail. We drove to the trailhead, which is an hour southeast from San Diego. The Pacific Crest Trail starts just south of a small town called Campo. We arrived around 7 am. 

I was the only one at the trailhead as I began my hike on the PCT this morning. It was a couple of hours before a saw another person, which is a sharp contrast from when I hiked the Appalachian Trail. It was a lot different starting the trail on my own. When I started on the AT, Kate and I had a big send off by Uncle Kim and Aunt Sue.

I bumped along until lunch time when I stopped to fill up water, and I met a guy named John. When hiking you meet all kinds of people, some don't share anything about themselves, and some share a lot more, John was more of the talkative type. 

John did two tours of service in the Army and had recently been let go from his job, which was helping people who are adjusting to society after getting out of prison.  Having no other plans, he sold his house and came out to hike the PCT. 


The first 700 miles of the trail is in the desert region of Southern California.  After finishing filling up water, I had the first major uphill climb of the trail.  It was pretty hot.


On the other side of the mountain, there is a small town called Lake Morena with a campground.  It cost 5 bucks, and the campground offered both water and electricity. So I decided to call it a day. I continued into town and got a good hamburger at the Malt Shop. After eating, I walked back to the campgrounds and ran into John again and a guy whose trail name is Big Wave. I decided to hit the hay early at around 7 pm. 

A solid first day of hiking, 20 blister free miles, let’s hope for 20 more blister free miles tomorrow. 


Miles Hiked: 20.3

The Southern Terminus to Morena Lake Campground

Location: Latitude: 32.68586; Longitude: -116.51773

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