PCT Day 0... Arriving in San Diego

I start hiking the Pacific Crest Trail tomorrow. 

Today I began my last day in Austin by getting up early and going to the men's Bible study at my church where we are studying the book of Luke.

After I finished packing and cleaning my room, my Mom, Dad, and Max dropped me off at the airport at 9 o'clock. I checked in my backpack as luggage and it only took me five minutes to get through security, partly because I had nothing but the Ziplock bag I am using as a wallet and my phone. 


I had an uneventful flight and landed in San Diego around noon. After landing, I needed to purchase stove fuel and a lighter which I could not carry on the plane. I caught an Uber to Dick’s Sporting Goods. Since I have to walk everywhere with my full pack on, I definitely look out of place. 

From there I went to the hostel I was staying at, which is probably the nicest hostel I have ever stayed.  

Hostel in San Diego

Hostel in San Diego

After checking in, I set off to explore downtown. I walked down along the bay and through Balboa Park. It was super cool. I have never been to San Diego before, and I hope to come back with a bit more time to experience the town.

The hostel I am at has free pizza on Fridays, and how I could say no to free food?

While I was waiting for dinner, I met two Swedish guys who are staying in the same bunk room. We passed the time talking. They are halfway through their three month trip in the USA.  They started their journey in Chicago and drove down to Nashville.  From there they took Route 66 more or less across the country. They have put in over 7,000 miles on their rental car!  

We talked about some of the differences between the US and Sweden.  I asked them what they thought the two most significant differences were, and they said food and people. I learned in Sweden that there are four official languages, four! That's crazy, I had no idea that there was a country with more than two official languages, much less one with four. 


 I am going to bed at 8 pm local time, which is 10 pm Austin time. Thankfully the time change should help me when it comes to getting up early tomorrow. I am super excited to hit the trail in the morning!

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