Day 43...the longest bridge


This morning we awoke to a light rain.  It always sounds like it is raining harder when you are under a metal roof. Even though it had rained and was raining, the temperature stayed warm.

The first half the day was cloudy, but after 1 o'clock, it cleared up and weather turned very sunny and hot.  I think the high today was 85 degrees.

While hiking, we ran into the Honeypee Rags around 10 am. They were debating on taking a side trail to the Apple Orchard Falls. We said good morning and kept hiking.  We did not have time for a sidehike.

When we stopped for lunch, I got stung by a bee through my sock.  I applied some oil from David’s mom for insect bites and it felt better.

We had dinner at a shelter 3.9 miles from our final destination. There we ran into one of the guys from the Honeypee Rags.  He said the side hike to Apple Orchard Falls was absolutely not worth the 2.2 mile detour off of the trail.

On the final leg of our day, we crossed the James River on the longest foot only bridge on the AT.  We had a fantastic view of the water.

We were the only ones at the shelter that night.

Miles 26.6

Bryant Ridge Shelter to John's Hollow Shelter.

Location Latitude: 37.61292, Longitude: -79.39175