Day 24...Marathon Plus

Today is the last full day hiking alone, tomorrow I meet up with David.


It was a long day, it started at 6:15 am when I started hiking and it was over around 7:25 pm when I got to the shelter. I stopped for lunch at Uncle Johnny's Hostel, where I ate two hot pockets, a big muffin, a moon pie, and some chocolate milk - a grand total of 1,500 calories. That put some pep in my step! While I was stopped for lunch, I also took a shower, which felt great.


Once again, I ran into Wanimal, but he was not feeling so hot. He decided to rest by taking a near zero day at the hostel. While I was hanging around waiting for my phone to charge, I met one of the hostel's employees named Yoda.  He was super cool, very Zen, I think that's why he got the trail name Yoda. 

Wanimal told me that it was supposed to rain the next two days, but clear up on Tuesday.  I am hoping he is right. Only two days in the rain isn't too bad.  Nothing like the week of rain we experienced the last week Kate was with me.

On the trail again, I stopped for a short break at a clearing for telephone lines and I saw I had missed a couple of calls from my Dad, so I gave him a call.  It turned out he was at Brandon Thomas's Eagle Ceremony, right before Brandon was about to cut the cake. So I was able to congratulate Brandon on achieving the highest award scouting has to offer.  - If you are reading this Brandon, I would like to say it again congrats!

I wasn't planning on hiking as far as I did today. I had planned on tent camping at a camp site, but when I heard about the rain I decided to push farther ahead to get to a shelter.  On arriving at the shelter, there were a ton of tents and hammocks already there, about 25 peoples worth.

I met Oatmeal and a couple of others who had set up in the shelter as well.

I am looking forward to meeting up with David and getting across the 400 mile mark coming up soon.

Miles: 28.2

Spivey Gap to Cherry Gap Shelter

Location: Latitude: 36.12936, Longitude: -82.26407