Day 20...Turtle & Hare

I originally planned on getting up very early in the morning with Wanimal (the Philmont Guy now has a trail name) at 5:00 am.   But at 5:00, I decided that it was a bad idea and that I could hike much faster if I was well rested.  Neo woke about the same time I did .  He started on the trail about ten minutes before me. 

I eventually caught up to Neo.  While hiking we came across a turtle. It was odd to see a turtle on the trail, that was something I wasn't expecting to run into.  Still no bears.

Later that morning, I hiked to a place called Max Patch and it was absolutely beautiful. Max Patch is a bald mountain top.  I now wish I had stayed longer than 15 minutes. After I continued hiking another 20 minutes, Wanimal came up from behind me.   I was so surprised, it turned out that he and Neo had stopped for lunch on Max Patch and spent a hour relaxing and enjoying the view. We hiked the rest of the day together until we arrived at Walnut Mountain Shelter.

At the shelter, Wanimal decided that he was going to hike on as far as he could tonight, so that he could then get into Hot Springs, a small resupply town, quickly the next day.  Wanimal is in the photo of the shelter. 

At the shelter I met a Rocket Scientist.  His company is launching a satellite from South America tonight, which is pretty exciting. The satellite is a internet satellite that mostly serves Europe.

Miles: 23.4

Davenport Gap Shelter to Walnut Mountain Shelter.

Location: Latitude: 35.83640, Longitude: -82.93665