Day 14...Solo


Today was the first day of hiking by myself for the entire day.  I woke up around 5:45 am and hit the trail around 6:10 am, just as it was getting light.  Similar to yesterday,  I only saw a couple of people the entire day.  Also like yesterday, it was cold and foggy.  I understand why they call these mountains the Great Smokies.   

I hiked the entire day with a long sleeve shirt and rain jacket on without breaking a sweat. 

When I arrived at the shelter that evening, there were already about 7 people settled in. Everyone looked cold, and nobody really wanted to talk; so I did not press a conversation.  

I got a call that evening from Kate.  Kate said that there was a guy with a trail name of Gram.  She said that you could easily tell it was him by his pack, it was smaller than my school bag. He was a really cool dude, he was going super ultra light, which means his base pack weight (everything but food and water) is under 5 lbs. 

By the time I sat down to type up the blog, my fingers were too cold to type.  So, I called it a early night, and went to bed around 7:45 pm.

Mollies Ridge Shelter to Double Spring Shelter

Miles: 19.4