Day 104...Goal in Sight


Around 1:30 am it started to rain and I mean really rained. It was very loud and I was glad that I had staked down my tent properly. The down pour kept up for 3 hours. I stayed nice and dry and warm in my sleeping bag. When I started to hike on the trail, it was more like a stream than an actual hiking trail. Thankfully, it was a nice partly cloudy day, perfect for hiking.

I had to do my first river fording where I had to get my feet wet. Fortunately it was only ankle deep, so I put my camp shoes on and walked across no problem. After I crossed I was putting my shoes back on when I saw some day hikers crossing the river. I thought it a bit odd to see day hikers in the 100 Mile Wilderness, but I remember passing some old dirt logging roads that I think they can access for a fee.

After lunch, I climbed the last group of mountains before Katahdin, there were 4 peaks in 5 miles. On the north side of the last peak (White Cap Mountain) I could see it for the first time off in the distance, Mt. Katahdin! It was the first time I could actually see my goal . It felt great to be able to get a look at it. I have been working towards this goal for so hard and so long, I can't wait to climb it.

I must be getting close to the end of the trail, since most of the of the people I pass going south, say congratulations as I hike past. I plan on summiting on the 26th, so only 2 more nights and 3 more days of hiking. 

Miles 24.6

Stealth Camp Site to Stealth Camp Site 

Location: Latitude: 45.60797, Longitude: -69.17279