Day 85...Old Friends


I awoke to the sound of tree rain (when the left over rain on the tree leaves is falling to the ground). I packed up and was the first out of the shelter. After hiking for 30 minutes, I stopped to type up the blog and was swarmed by mosquitos.  It took me longer than normal since I would have to pause every few minutes to swat some bugs away. 


Around 9:30 am, I had just let a faster hiker go through.  And as he passed by, I thought I recognized him. I caught up to him when he stopped to fill up water and I got a good look,  It turned out it was Blitz.  I had met him my second day on the trail. It was the first time I have seen him since the morning after we left the shelter. It was super cool to see him again. It turned out that he was hiking with Wanimal and a few others for a while, but after he took a few days off, he got a couple days behind them. We talked for 30 minutes until I had to get going again.

For lunch I hiked off the trail to Cloudland Market. I bought a block of cheese and some beef jerky and enjoyed them on a nice porch. Around 4 pm, I came to one of the most well known Trail Magic places on the trail. I stopped to have a soda and recieved a message from my Dad saying they were going to arrive around 8 pm instead of 6 pm, due to heavy traffic in Boston. So instead hiking 3 miles to a shelter that night, we stayed in the side yard of the Smith's House (the place with a lot of magic)

There is a tradition of thru hikers jumping off the White River bridge (just across the street for the Trail Magic house). And as I had to keep up with tradition, I jumped.  Everyone else for the most part jumped too.

There were about 10 other hikers that also spent the night there.  Most were in the barn room out back. We pitched tents in the side yard.

Max and Dad finally arrived at 8:15.  It was so good to see them.  It has been close to 88 days since I saw them last. They brought me dinner and a resupply.  We talked while I ate and we all went to bed around 9:15.

Miles 17.1

Wintturi Shelter to Smith Family's Side Yard.

Location: Latitude: 43.71167, Longitude: -72.41687