Day 87...Nobos and Sobos

Well I did it again, I slept through my alarm. It was 6:15 am by the time we got going. Max packed faster than I did.  It took me a bit longer as it felt strange to have a backpack with more than two many places to put things. 


It was a cool, clear morning, some of the best hiking weather we have had yet. The day started with a very steep uphill section, and then went very steep downhill. There was more elevation gain in today's hike than we have had in a long time.  But it also made for some great views.

We took a longer than normal lunch break and attempted to dry out our clothing and gear which was still wet from yesterday evening's storm. 

It was a beautiful day, and the trail was very scenic on what was one of the nicest days I have enjoyed on the trail. 

Just before we got to the shelter where we were going to stay, there was a fire tower that was unlocked so we could go all the way to the top. This is the first one I was able to climb to the very top. It was a spectacular view.

When we arrived at the shelter, we met a SoBo who was doing a 50 mile challenge (hiking 50 miles in one day). We left the shelter and hiked down a very steep hill looking for water and after looking around for a water source, we ended up filling up from a puddle. When we hiked back up to the top of hill, there was a bunch more hikers at the shelter.

After dinner, we talked about how the SoBos looked much cleaner and fresher than we (Nobos) did 420 miles into the trail.  We also shared what we were planning to do when we finished hiking the AT. We took a few group photos. One of the girls spent 5 minutes balancing her phone on a log. After that, one of the other guys took his trekking pole and a rubber band and in 10 seconds had fashioned a monopod for his phone.  

After visiting, we hit the sack around 8:15.