Day 90...Pit Stop


It was a cool dry morning. We got on the trail in good time and started the day off with a climb up a mountain. The mountain had two peaks so we hiked up the south and went down and up the north peak. I think the north peak had a better view.

At the base of the mountain, we had to hitch-hike into town to resupply.  The last time we stopped in town, I had miscounted how many days of food we would need. Unfortunately, it was not a straight forward hitch-in and hitch-out situation. We had to hike a mile off the trail to a get to a place where we could stick out our thumbs. Once we started trying to get a ride, it took about 20 minutes before a car stopped.  Finally, a really nice lady picked us up who was headed to Boston and since Lincoln was on the way, she gave us a ride. She was very sweet and gave us some strawberries.

The biggest challenge of going into town is the time it takes away from hiking.  It is like a pit stop, where you try to get everything done as quickly as possible and then get back onto the trail.  Once we got into town it was easy, everything we needed was in one area - a Price Chopper grocery store, a laundry mat, and most important, a pizza place. Max and I divided and conquered.  After starting our laundry, Max went to buy pizza and I went to buy food. That part went smoothly, trying to get out of town however was harder. We tried to hitch-hike out, no luck there. So we finally decided to call for a ride.

Once we were back at the trailhead and hiked the mile back to the where we left the Appalachian Trail, it was already 4 pm. (and we had traveled only 8.5 miles on the AT). We got hiking again and immediately went uphill.  We are now climbing the presidential peaks, starting with Lincoln.

We hiked until we reached Liberty Spring Campsite.  We were not initially planning on staying there at the time, but we ran into Blitz.  We were able to catch him because Blitz had spent a zero day in Hanover.  After visiting, he continued hiking, but before he did, he mentioned that there were a bunch of others who were planning on stealth camping along the trail to save on the cost of staying in a campsite. Since stealth sites in the White Mountains are few and far between, Max and I started to debate whether or not to stay at the campsite. Eventually, we decided to stay at Liberty Springs and pay the $20 it would cost to do so.

We had a dinner and met bunch of section hikers and a couple of thru hikers. As we were settling in for bed, it started to really rain, thankfully we stayed nice and dry in our tent. Since I had a signal, I gave my mom a call to say that I am not dead yet and that I am looking forward to getting home. I have enjoyed and will continue to enjoy my time on the trail, but I am looking forward to being home and seeing friends and family again.

Miles 11.5

Eliza Brook Shelter to Liberty Spring Campsite.