Day 89...New Heights


I woke to the sound of rain this morning. After giving it some thought, I decided not to wake Max up yet and I set my alarm for 6 am. Max went to bed at 7 pm last night. He slept more than 11 hours. That is more sleep in one night than I have had in almost 100 days on the trail. 

At 6:00 am, it was only tree rain when we got moving.  We packed quickly and were on the trail in 20 minutes. We started the day with a huge climb up Mt. Moosiloake at 4,802' above sea level. After climbing to  the top, we could see nothing but clouds. The way down the other side took almost double the time it took to go up, since the terrain was much tougher and also wet. At the base of the mountain, there was a sign warning about how dangerous the trail was and that it could be fatal for the inexperienced hiker.  Lucky for me, I have had some experience hiking.

Man, the whites are tough! This is the hardest part of the trail so far.  We only hiked about 17 miles but it felt like 25 miles at least. Max dubbed it technical hiking. A good amount of the time you needed to use your hands and plan where you were going to put your feet with each step. At least it was beautiful.

When Max and I arrived at the shelter, it was full.  So we found a tent pad and we set up there. Max filled the water while I set up the tent and got the stove going. We both were really tired and went to bed as soon as we could. Unfortunately for us, there was a big group of people out for just a couple days who were very, very wake. So we could not fall a sleep til late.

Mile: 16.9

Stealth Site to Eliza Brook Shelter

Location: Latitude: 44.10115, Longitude: -71.74203