Day 88...White Mountains


We woke to a crisp, clear, cold mountain morning, but we could not tell that since we were inside a nice warm cabin. Max and I grabbed our stuff and packed up outside the cabin, so we wouldn't wake anyone up. Today, like yesterday was mountainous, and beautiful.

Five miles into the day, we came across Hexacuba Shelter, and if you were to look to your right, you could see off in the distance the fire tower where we stayed last night.

Just before lunch, there was the Omelet guy, a man who is retired.  He had a setup on the trail where he makes omelets all day for hikers. He will cook as many eggs you want, the record is 26. Unfortunately, Max and I had a bunch of food that we needed to eat before we resupplied later today, so we stopped to talk and eat a banana, before we started hiking again.

We hiked to the road crossing where we had to hitch-hike into town. The road was pretty empty as there weren't many cars. Lucky for us, there was a section hiker named Huffing and Puffing being picked up for the day. He offered us a ride into town. His name was Huffing and Puffing, since that's what he sounded like when he was on the trail. Once in town, Huffing and Puffing noticed how many cars were going back towards the trail (not many) and offered us a ride back to the trailhead too. Which was very nice of them, since they were going in the opposite direction.

When we got to town, Huffing and Puffing and his wife went to get ice cream. I opened my pack to get my wallet, but I could not find it. Max helped me go through every pocket.  We even pulled the tent out of its bags to see if I had left it in there. I could not find my wallet anywhere. I called my mom to let her know.  I had to call from the store phone since there was not any cell signal. Fortunately, Max had some cash, so we were able to buy the food we needed. My wallet held both my ID and debit card. As we were leaving, Huffing and Puffing generously gave Max and I 20 dollars to help keep us on the trail.

Once we were back on the trail it started to sprinkle, steadily the rain got heavier. 30 minutes into our hike, I had a brain wave. I remembeed where my wallet was located. I had stuck it into my external battery mesh sack. I had put it there 3 days ago before going and jumping off the bridge. Thank the Lord it was there, I quickly called home to keep my card from being cancelled. 

There is less than 400 miles left on the expedition!

We hiked for a few more hours in the rain and found a stealth spot to set up our camp. Unfortunately, there were about 1,000 mosquitos swarming around, but they did not keep us from going to bed early.

Miles 20.0

Fire Wardens Cabin to Stealth Site.

Location: Latitude: 43.98875, Longitude: -71.89919