Day 84...House Cleaning


I awoke a few minutes before my alarm.  It took me longer than normal to pack everything up, since I, for the first time, did some housecleaning and ran errands as I was getting ready for company. I took the time to clean out my tent of all the dirt that has collected over this expedition. Then I needed to go into town to buy a days’ worth of food.  My brother Max and my dad are going to bring 3 days’ worth of food with them tomorrow.

I hiked on a little side trail that went from the AT to an outfitters on the edge of Killington. The trail went through a disc golf course. I really wished I could have played a round, but I had stuff to do. The outfitters did not open till 10 am, and it was about 9:15. So I went to a deli/ market/ gas station thing and shopped there.

I should have filled up water in town, since there was a good little stretch of the trail that was dry. I didn’t and had to keep hiking, instead of stopping to eat lunch, until I got to a water source.

Around 3 pm, I came to a dirt road crossing and happened upon some Trail Magic.  Kelly and Mark were serving hot dogs and hamburgers. They were super nice.

Kelly and Mark told me that last year they did Trail Magic for the long trail near Canada and no one had shown up all day.  As they were getting ready to pack up, six state troopers drove up. They were looking for a hiker whose mother had called.  She had told them that her daughter had a back injury and was stranded out on the trail. What the daughter actually said was that her back was hurting on the trail. The state troopers had not found her and were about to call Search and Rescue. However, before they did, Kelly ran up the trail and found the daughter in 30 minutes, brought her to the road, and fixed everyone a meal.

Ten minutes after I left Kelly and Mark, it started to pour.  The trail turned into a little stream. It made it easy to miss the actual stream that I needed to fill up water and camp by. By the time I realized what happened, it was too late. So, I hike to the next water source which added three very wet miles onto my day.

It stopped raining about the time I arrived at Wintturi Shelter. Speedy, who was enjoying Trail Magic when I arrived, is also staying at the shelter tonight.

Miles 18.7

Location: Latitude: 43.66340, Longitude: -72.62302