Day 109...Recovery and the Governor of Texas

Day One of Recovery


I am glad to be home, where I don't have to pack everything up each morning, and I can take a shower every day - twice if I want to. The only thing that hurts now is my feet, which are still very sore. I don't think they really agreed with the 2,200 miles. 

Today, I only had two things to do, a science club meeting (first of the season where I am vice president) and my scout troop meeting in the evening. 

At both meetings, people asked if I was going to keep my beard, and some of the scouts in my troop even offered to shave or wax it for me. I think I will keep it until after the Great AT Celebration party on Saturday. 

It awesome to be able to go back to our Boy Scout troop meeting. When I showed up, I had to use the restroom.  While there, I heard the troop called to attention as they normally do for the flag ceremony. As I was walking out, my Dad caught me and told me to hurry up they were waiting for me. As I walked into the fellowship hall, all the scouts were lined up and they were clapping. It was very humbling, with everyone shaking my hand and saying congratulations, as I walked into the room.

During the closing of our Troop Meeting, Mr. Napp, one of the previous Scoutmasters of our Troop, presented me with a document of recognition from Texas Governor Greg Abbott for completing the Appalachian Trail. I was a completely surprised, I was speechless.

Miles 0.0