Day 102...the 100 Mile Wilderness


It was a clear sunny day, barely a cloud in the sky. And the day started, if you could believe it, by going uphill.  Today is the day of the eclipse, although where I am, the sun will only be partially blocked by the moon.

I only saw one other NoBo today, not too many SoBos. It is weird to see so few people now on the trail.

From 11:30 to 1:00 pm I hiked alongside a river, which meant the the terrain was more flat; in turn what that meant was I could hike faster. 

When I was only 3 miles on the trail outside of the road to Monson, Maine,  I was greeted by two guys sitting in chairs drinking beer. They said "We got c o l d  beer and h o t  dogs, welcome to Monson!"  I took them up on the hot dogs before continuing on.

When I got to the road that leads into Monson, I stuck out my thumb. It took 45 minutes to get a ride in to town. That is the longest it has ever taken to get a ride. The ladies who did finally give me a ride, dropped me off at the ATC (Appalachain Trail Conservancy) office. I went in to talk to the lady behind the desk.  I am glad I did that first, before getting food, since they closed their offices 30 seconds after I walked in. The lady told me about the rules and regulations around hiking Katahdin and how to do it. There are a lot of rules.  The other rule was absolutely no stealth camping in Monson, so I had to go get food and make it back on the trail before dark.

After I had finished at the ATC,  I walked over to the store and bought dinner and enough food to hopefully finish the trek. This may be my last food stop on the trail!  However, I felt sorry for the woman who checked me out, she accidentally messed something up with the cash register and had to call in her boss.

After I had crammed all my food into my pack, which was really stretched to the limits with all the supplies, I hitched a ride back to the trail. While I was attempting to get a ride, a man in the house across from where I was standing bet that it would be the fourth car that would stop to pick me up. He said that if it was the fourth car, he would give me some of steak he was grilling. Well, he was right, it was the fourth car.  So he made good on his bet and I enjoyed a really good piece of steak.

When I finally got back to the trail, it was 7:20 pm.  I had planned on finding a stealth camping site tonight,  but I could not.  So I did a bit of night hiking and backpacked to a shelter about 3 miles into the 100 Mile Wilderness. 

Miles 27.8 

Stealth Site to Leemans Brook Lean-to

Location: Latitude: 45.35067, Longitude: -69.49823