Day 100!


I slept in this morning, not getting up until 5:50 am. When I did wake up, I spent about a hour typing the events from yesterday. As I was working on the blog, I realized that it was day 100 on the trail. I really don't remember details on what happened on most of those 100 days, as it is all a blur; but luckily, I wrote about each day, so I will be able to look back on them after I finish and have a very good idea what happened during this very interesting summer.

Mr. and Mrs. Price had fixed a fantastic breakfast for Max and I including eggs, bacon, hash browns, and blueberry danish. It was very tasty and filling.  After breakfast, I started to pack all my gear. Max and I switched packs, since the one he was using (Plant's backpack) is much lighter than mine. We also switched shoes, since mine were worn out and the replacement pair sent in the mail ended up fitting too small. I had everything I needed, but the missing guidebook page that I took out to use yesterday.  I really needed that page for today's hike.  Max's ankle is still sore, so he is planning on meeting me at the end of the trail.

We drove about 30 minutes from the cabin to the trailhead. I did not get started hiking until around 9:00 am, and the trail went straight uphill. The hiking was tough, especially since Max had just replenished my food supply with 3 good days worth of groceries.

Shortly after I started hiking, I ran into a group of flip-flop hikers.  I asked if I could take a photo of the guidebook page I was missing for today's hike, and it turned out that they had found my missing page on the trail earlier that morning. 

So with guidebook in hand, I climbed to the top of the Mt. Bigalow. There, I stopped and took a break to enjoy the amazing scenery while eating lunch. After lunch, I did not really take any more breaks for the rest of the day. 

I hiked to East Flagstaff Lake Campsite. There, I camped next to a lake with only one other hiker, her trail name is G-G (Gone-Girl). I set up camp and then we sat on a beach and talked while I made up my dinner. G-G is from south America but lives in Oklahoma.

Miles 19.2

Price Family Cabin to East Flagstaff Lake Campsite

Location: Latitude: 45.14603, Longitude: -70.17044