Day 99...the 2000 mile Angel

I woke early this morning looking forward to seeing Max and the Price's later today. Although the sun had risen, it was still fairly dark.  The day begain cool and cloudy looking like it was on the verge of raining. The days hiking was full of ups and downs literally.

Eventually it started to rain, it was not a hard rain just a consistent drizzle. When I stopped for lunch, it was cold enough for me to wear both my rain jacket and my long sleeve shirt.  Something I haven't needed to do since the Great Smokies. 

In the my guide book, there is a list of the few streams in Maine as you have to ford. Thankfully the two I had to cross have had stepping stones, so I don't even have to get my feet wet.

Well I did it  - crossed  2,000 miles today and only 189.9 miles to go!


We planned on meeting at mile 2,000 at 5:30 pm. There was a major highway just past the mile marker on the trail. At least that's where I thought we were supposed to meet. When I got to the highway no one else was there, so I sat down to wait. Fifteen minutes went by and I started to worry that I was not in the right place.

I looked at the guidebook again and saw there was a road about 3/4 of a mile up the trail, thinking that could be our meeting place, I basically ran for it. When I got to that road, again no one was there. Now I was worried. I gave all the numbers that I had a call to see if I could reach Mr. or Mrs. Price but no luck there. I gave my Dad a call, he recommended to go back to the paved road, look for the painted mile marker and to wait there, and so I ran back.

I got back to the road at 6:30pm. This time I met an older gentleman, Mr. Dickey. I asked him if he knew where there was a mile 2000 marker painted on a road. He told me that marker was about 21 miles away. I was at a loss not having any idea what to do.  Mr. Dickey asked if wanted a ride. On the drive, he told me that every season he has few hikers (around 70) stay at his house, and offered that if we were not able to find them, I could stay at his place that night. 

When we were getting close, I saw a car pulled off to the side of the road, thank God, they waited. It was about 7 pm when we got there or an hour and a half after our planned meeting time. After we greeted each other, they told me that Mr. Price had hiked down the trail to look for me and was going to start heading back at 7:00pm. We got into the car to wait, about 20 minutes later, we see a car pull up behind us. Again, it was Mr. Dickey. This time he had brought Mr. Price. Turned out Mr. Price had hiked a trail to road rather than hiking back on the main trail, he was whistling and calling my name and he got a whistle back from Mr. Dickey.  As he was getting a ride back to the car, Mr. Price told him about how he was looking for me. And Mr Dickey told him the story about how and where he had met me and that he had just dropped me off at the car. So 2 hours later than we planned, we were all headed to the cabin, marveling over what had just happened.

When we got to the cabin (which is totally off the grid) they fired up the propane heater for the shower.  I took a wonderful hot shower and they began cooking a great steak dinner. We ended up eating and talking until about 10pm. 

Miles: 24.7

Redington Camp To Price Family Cabin.

Location: Latitude: 45.20607, Longitude: -70.12320