Day 98...A good day on the Trail


It was a cold and overcast morning.  I got up an additional fifteen minutes earlier than normal to maximize my hiking time. Funny how much earlier fifteen minutes feels. I was able to pack up and start without waking anyone else. The first three miles of the day were on a semi-exposed ridgeline that was absolutely beautiful.


It was another fantastic day for hiking, and like the past few days, there were a good amount of bogs to avoid. Thankfully, this time I didn't step into any that went all the way up to my knee.

Around 10 am, I hiked to a lake and stopped for a few minutes to take in the view. As I was leaving the shore, a lady gave me a couple of granola bars. She told me she had just spread her friend’s ashes. Her friend had hiked the trail and wished to be spread there after she past.

Around 11 am, I met a nice family.  They were out for a short trip and gave me some chocolate and asked what I normally did for dinner. I said ramen noodles, or knorr pasta/ rice sides, one or the other. The chocolate was a treat.

The last section I hiked today is called the Saddlebacks or Saddleback Mountain and the Horn. There is a three mile stretch of trail which is entirely above tree line. Being above the trees, it was super windy - almost more windy than Mt. Washington, when Max and I went up. From the top, there was an incredible view.  I wish I could have spent more time on top, but I needed to keep hiking.

When I arrived at camp, for a little while I thought I was the only one at the campsite.  However, there turned out to be one other lady staying the night, but that was it. For dinner tonight, I had both ramen noodles and knorr, since I accidentally bought three dinners when all I needed was two. It was another very cold night, so I crawled into my tent as quick as I could, and I went to bed around 8:50pm. 

Miles: 26.7

Bemis Mountain Lean-to To Redington Camp Site