Day 97...Solo Again


We awoke to the sound of the town clock going off at 5:00 am. Max and I tried and failed to fall back to sleep.  After we packed up, we wished each other the best. Max went for an early breakfast and I went to hitch-hike back to the trail. I am sad that we have to part ways, but I hope Max can join me on the trail again in a few days. We have really had a lot of fun together.

It only took a few minutes to get a ride, and I got to the trail just as another group of hikers were starting their hike.

Today started cloudy, then cleared up to be a perfect day for hiking. I don't know what was up with me though. I did not feel like I had my full strength, so I hiked much slower than I normally do. 

I stopped at Bemis Mountain Shelter to fill up water, and I was debating hiking farther. Some of the SoBos there said they had not seen a stealth site for about 4 miles. So, it was the shelter for me!  There was a group of flip flop hikers who had hiked the first 450 miles or so of the trail going north starting in Georgia, then they rented a car and drove up to Maine and started south from Katahdin.  After I had filled up my water, Pretty Boy came up and stayed at the shelter as well. He and the Flip Floppers were great company to have at a shelter, lots of joking around. Two of them had been keeping track of how many times they had fallen down on the trail, one was up to 20 or 21 times. That does not seem so bad, as I had fallen several times just this morning. The same couple was hiking with their two dogs.

It was a a very cold night, but thankfully I stayed nice and cozy in my sleeping bag.  Sometime later that night, one of the dogs left the shelter and ran off away from the campsite.  Fortunately they found him, after searching for a little bit.

Miles: 19.8 

Behind the Red Hen to Bemis Mountain Shelter

Location: Latitude: 44.81013, Longitude: -70.75583