Day 96...Twist of the Trail

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Max and I got up 10 minutes earlier than we normally do, and it took us about 10 minutes longer to pack up our gear than normal, so we hit the trail about the same time.  Once we started hiking, it was a mile and a half to Mahoosuc Notch, the 'hardest mile' on the Trail.  The best way I can describe the route is that it is a mile long of section of huge boulders. Some we climbed over and some we hiked through.  Max said it reminded him of running around at a state park near Austin, Perdenales Falls State Park. It took us 70 minutes to complete the whole mile.  We had a blast in the process. It was great fun. I enjoyed climbing over and jumping from rock to rock.

After we finished the notch, we had a not so fun very steep uphill section of the trail. When we got to the top,  there was a guy 'losing his lunch' all over the trail.  Pretty Boy, who had just caught up to us, stopped to help him out. 


Later that day, we were just about to start a downhill section when Max twisted his ankle. We stopped and I looked for my ankle brace, but at some point today, it must have fallen out of my backpack and I could not find it. After coming up with a plan we continued hiking down the trail 2 miles to a road crossing, where we could get a shuttle to come pick us up. We arrived about 30 minutes before the shuttle did. Lucky for us, a couple was doing trail magic at the intersection of the trail and the road and we enjoyed a nice break with soda and chips.

The town we went to was Andover, Maine.  The shuttle dropped us off at the General Store. Max and I went in to order some food.  Max checked his ankle - it was pretty sore.  We thought through our situation and I made some calls. I guess you could call them relatives of a friend of our family. David and Teresa live in Portland, Maine which is an hour and forty-five minutes from Andover by car.

When I called, David and Teresa were extremely generous. They offered to pick Max up in Andover and take him back to their home to let him heal and rest. And they offered to bring him back to the trail if his ankle heals at around mile 2,000 where they have a cabin nearby.

After we bought food, there was a little restaurant that allows hikers stay in their backyard for free. We set up our tent there. After getting settled, Max and I walked over to Mills Market where we bought salads, and met a very nice local gentleman who we talked to for about hour and a half. He had been a trucker for 45 years and traveled all across the country. While Andover is a very small town, we found everyone to be very friendly and helpful to hikers.

Miles 20
Full Goose Shelter to Andover, Maine behind the Red Chicken