Day 59...Pennslyvania Farmland

We awoke to the sound of Nathan's and Lucky's (the guys that thru hiked in 2015) alarms which apparently went off at 4:45 am. There was something comforting in being awake in our sleeping bags but knowing we did not have to get up for a while. When we did eventually get up, it was to a very bright rising sun. We left the shelter before Maken Bacon had stirred. The goal was to hike into Duncannon, a town that the trail goes right through; to wash laundry and pick up two days worth of food. 

Also heading into town with us was a section hiker named Flat Tire, who had to book it to catch a flight out of Philly at 4 pm that day.  He was going to try to hitch hike or shuttle his way there as soon as he could get a shower and some food. 


Today's hike took us through farmlands full of lettuce and corn.

When we arrived into town, we started our laundry at about 10:45 am. While I took care of the laundry, Plant went to find us lunch. He returned not too long thereafter and told me he had ordered a cheese pizza. It turned out that it was one of the better pizzas we have had on the our trip, and we have eaten quite a few pizzas.

The rest of the day was very peaceful and not much happened.  On the way, we stopped at a shelter to make dinner. There, we met a man who had packed out fresh bread from town and shared a bit with us. After eating, we hiked until we found an okay spot to stealth camp about 4 miles from the shelter where we had eaten dinner. Apparently, I had walked past a great spot to camp but did not notice it. 

Miles: 26

Darlington Shelter to Stealth Camp Site

Location: Latitude: 40.44503, Longitude: -76.82086