Day 29...Trail to Damascus


Today, we crossed the border from Tennessee to Virginia, as you head north, the fourth state on the Appalachian Trail. Virginia has more miles of trail than than any other state.  I feel like it is a big accomplishment to have hiked through Tennessee and North Carolina.  I am glad to leave those states behind even though it has been gorgeous, as it lacks something very important, privys.

This morning, we got up with the sun, and hit the trail about 20 minutes after waking up. We hiked like we did the previous three days, at a steady pace, only taking one big break for lunch. There was a group of people that we had passed, and they passed us, as we played a bit of leap frog for about 2 hours.


Our goal today was Damascus, Virginia with the yearning of a good bunk bed and a hot shower.  When we arrived in town, we stopped at The Outfitters.  I walked in a few minutes ahead of David.  Here I met a man named Dave.  Dave told me the city government closed down his hostel across the street, where we orginally planned to stay.  

When David walked in a few minutes later, the first thing Dave said to him was "You need a bigger hip belt." I left David and Dave to figure out the belt situation and headed over to check out the different hostel Dave had recommended.

The hostel is run by the Methodist church, and is a very peaceful place. Here we met some interesting characters; Mcdouble, dirty Jesus, Wanimal, and  Boy Scout. 

McDouble got his name because he hikes McDonald's McDouble hamburgers out of town for the first couple of days on the trail whenever he can find the golden arches.

After shopping at the Dollar General and showering off, David and I went to Hey Joes, a little taco place not too far from the hostel, where we enjoyed our food while listening to live music.

Miles 24.8

Iron Mountain Shelter to the Place Hostel, Damascus, Virginia

Location: Latitude: 36.63389, Longitude: -81.78731