Day 58...Happy Feet


We had to get up early to hike into town.   The goal was to get to the post office before it closed at 12 noon.  We awoke at 5 am.  We started hiking at 6 am.  Maken Bacon had already started about 20 min before us.  It was a great morning, very cool, and the terrain was fun. We hiked through a section of the trail called the Rock Maze winding us through big boulders for about 40 min.

When Plant and I got closer to town, the trail headed down into the valley, and we spent the rest of the day hiking through rolling farmland. We made it to the post office in time and Plant got a new pair of shoes. I got a stuff sack pillow thing.  After the post office, we needed to buy a days worth of food, so we headed to the gas station and we were able to buy everything we needed.  It was kind of funny, as the gas station had a better selection of protein bars than the last few actual grocery stores where we had stopped.

When we arrived at the shelter, we met two men who had thru hiked in 2015, and were going back to section hike a bit. It was great, we got to the shelter early and we were able to make and eat dinner quickly.


Before we were about to go to bed, a group of day hikers came up to the shelter.  After a little bit, one of them started talking deep circular philosophy - like really deep.  I did my best to hold my laughter.  But after a while I could not hold it any longer, and then I started coughing, and then Plant lost it.  It took me a long time to stop. I don't think we have laughed so hard on the trail. 

Miles: 26.6

James Fry Shelter to Darlington Shelter

Location: Latitude: 40.30190, Longitude: -77.08707