Day 57...Trail Angels, or Second Lunch


oday, we awoke to a downpour.  It was raining pretty hard, so I got Plant up and we decided to pack everything and hope it stopped before we had to leave.  It did not let up, so we set off into the rain. After we had hiked for 20 minutes and were thoroughly soaked, it stopped pouring.

We continued hiking until we found a good spot at a shelter to have lunch. During lunch, a man named Makin' Bacon stopped in and joined us. After talking for a little bit, he decided at least for the day, to join us and hike behind me.

As we started hiking again, we passed a group of section hikers going south. They told us about some Trail Angels who were grilling hamburgers up at a road crossing ahead on the trail. Needless to say, we picked up the pace.  And it was a good thing we hurried, because the Angels were going to pack up about 10 minutes from when arrived. They were super nice and fixed me up both a hamburger and hot dog. After second lunch we got on our way again.

As we hiked, Makin' Bacon asked me what my worst day was on the Trail. After thinking for a while, I really could not think of any day as being too bad.

He went ahead and told me about his; and I have to say it would be hard to top it---not that I would ever want to.

His day went like this, on 3rd day on the trail after passing Neal's Gap, he wasn't feeling well.  His knees and legs were hurting him so bad that when he got to the top of the mountain, he just set up his tent and did not do a great job of it.  He fell asleep, only to be woken up by a big rain storm.  Before he could could fall back to sleep again, in the tent that was getting more wet by the moment, he started to vomit big time. He had contracted norovirus 2 days before.  After a rough night, he tried to call someone, but he had no phone service on top of the mountain. So he had to pack all his wet and gross stuff up. He headed down the mountain and luckily got service and was able to get a ride into town. 

When we got to the shelter, we had to walk to about .3 miles off the trail to get to the shelter itself. When we got there, there is only enough room for one person and there were three of us including Makin' Bacon. So I hiked back to the campsite at the start of the side trail, and set up camp there. After it had gotten dark, I looked for my guide book so I could figure out how many miles we had hiked that day.  I realized that I had left it up at the shelter, so I had to hike back up to the shelter to find it. Thankfully I had left it on the picnic table in plain sight.

Miles 30.1
Rocky Mountain Shelter to James Fry Shelter