Day 56...Recovery Day

Today was our recovery day after our extremely long day of 41.5 miles yesterday.


We really slept in.  We slept until 7:45 a.m.. It took us a long time to pack everything up, due to the constant drizzle.

When Plant and I finally got going, we realized that the camp site that we were going to stay at, if we could not find a stealth spot, was only 20 yards up the trail.

It rained for most of the day, which was not very fun.

We hitch-hiked into a small town called Blue Ridge Summit. I thought it would be harder to get a ride because of the rain since we were soaked, but It turned out not to take long at all to catch a ride into town. We got dropped off at the Dollar General, and it was the best one we had been to yet, and we bought two days worth of food.

Plant and I walked across the street to hitch back to the trail and a lady walked out of her house and asked if we would like a ride back out to the trail and we were pretty grateful.

We hiked until we got to a state park that had nice covered picnic tables. It was very nice to get out of the rain, and we wished we could just spend the night there but was only 1 o'clock and we needed to hike further. 

We got to the shelter and met a guy named Cooper.  He was hiking for a long weekend with his kids. He'd built a fire and was cooking bratwurst, Oh the luxuries of a weekend warrior!   

We hit the sack early so we could get back into the miles tomorrow.

Miles 14.4

Latitude: 39.86859, Longitude: -77.50060 

Camp site to Rocky Mountain Shelter