Day 26...75 days/ 1,800 miles to go

20170606_073047 (1).jpg

We awoke to thick fog moving quickly around us. We had slept in this morning. David is still on Austin time, which is one hour earlier. 

Today, we crossed some very beautiful balds, and hiked through some really pretty meadows.


After a couple days of rain, the trail was super slippery in some places. David slipped a lot but never fell, I slipped once and fell big time. It wasn't painful, but I was super muddy.


We were only planning on hiking about 12 miles today.   However, David said he want to push on a little further and next thing we knew, we had hiked 20.8 miles, or more than double what I did for my first day.  And these weren't easy miles, as they were mostly uphill. Needless to say, I am very impressed.

We set up camp on the bank of Elk River.  We had just finish dinner when Wanimal showed up. He was debating hiking further, but decided to set up camp with us.  As we caught up, he told me that Neo had gotten off the trail and was headed by car to Maine, where he lives. 

I look forward to Virginia.  They don't have privys in Tennesse at all. Except for privys, Tennesse is very pretty.

Miles 20.8

Carvers Gap Area to Elk River Camp site

Location: Latitude: 36.20707, Longitude: -81.97604