Day 55...A Day in Maryland


Today was our biggest mile day by far. It started at 4:00am and ended at 10:30pm. 

We stayed at Towns Inn Hostel in Harpers Ferry WV, and it worked out very well that we stayed where we did, because it was less than a tenth of a mile from the trail. Since we stayed in a building and had beds, we were able to pack everything up, and have it ready to go for the morning. Plant and I both slept really well. When we woke up we felt like we had slept longer than we did.

We stopped to fill up water at a state park, after we had walked about half mile past, I reached back to pull up my guide book, it was not there, after asking, Plant if he had it. I realized I had left it at the state park.  I had set it down on a bench when we filled up water. So I ran back down hill to get it, and then back up hill. It really stunk, like really. 


The day was not all that bad, just long. We walked through Washington State Park. Where they had a monument to honor him   It was super cool to hike right through it while listing to a book called 1776, which is all about Washington and the battle for independence. 

The main reason we decided to hike from border to border, was because the terrain was flat and this was true up until the end of the day.  We did 30 miles by 5 pm. 

Plant and I stopped for dinner around 7:30 p.m. at a shelter about 5 miles from the border. From that point on, it was not so flat.

It got dark as we reached a part of the trail where we jumped from rock to rock and the trail wasn't marked very well. We had to walk to a white blaze, and find the next one, and walk towards it.

We finally got to the border of Pennslyvania, it was kind of anticlimactic--the border just being a sign in the ground--but we were extremely happy not really because of the fact all we had to do was find a campsite, but more of the fact that we had done something very few people even attempt. 

We set up or campsite in the first spot we could find; then hit the sack.

Miles 41.5
Towns Inn Hostel (in Harpers Ferry WV) to campsite (near the border of MD and PA)

Location:  Somewhere Near Latitude 39.719613, Longitude 77.50739 (May need to correct this at  a later date  Spot didn't go through)