Day 81...Back on the Trail


I woke up at 5:30 am, even though my alarm was set for 6:30. I guess I am used to waking up early. I laid back down after figuring out what time it was, but I wasn't able to really fall back to sleep. So I got up, packed up all my equipment, and sat there thinking for about an hour about the challenges ahead.

Around 7 am, I went downstairs and Mr. Sutton offered me and the other hikers a ride to the donut shop, where people usually give rides to hikers heading back onto the trail. On our way, we stopped by the Rite Aid, so I could buy an ankle brace.

When we got to the donut shop, most of the people who gave lifts to hikers had already gone to work, so after a couple donuts we went to the road to hitch hike. A nobo hiker named No Name walked past me and not even a minute later, a British lady pulled over and gave me a ride. She also pulled over for No Name. We got to talking and No Name had some very interesting stories.

Last night, No Name was stealth camping in town in his hammock. In the dead of night, he heard the rustling of some small animal sniffing out his gear. He pulls his flashlight out and looks out of the hammock, and sees a skunk. The skunk looks at him moves away a few yards and sprays a warning shot. Not knowing it was a warning shot, No Name jumped out of his hammock and dashed as fast as he could away from the skunk. After a couple seconds, he realized that he had left his flashlight in his hammock. He stumbled back to his hammock, he smelt it, and turned out the skunk missed and all his stuff, it was clean.

It was nice day.  The first uphill was to a ski slope. On top, there was a great view and a cool looking ski lift. I wanted to stop for lunch at the lift, but I did not have enough water, so I hiked to the nearest water source and ate there. I did not have any problem with my foot until 3 pm when I hiked a section of steep angled rock. Afterwards, I found a stream and was about to follow doctor’s orders and soak my foot, when it started to rain.  It was not a hard rain. The rain did not last long, only about 30 minutes. Luckily, there was a shelter on the trail where I stopped to wait out the rain. Afterwards, I hiked a few miles further, and found a camp site near a stream where I could reduce the swelling.

Miles 18.2

Location: Latitude: 43.37446, Longitude: -72.96044
Suttons Place to Streamside Stealth Site.