Day 53...1,000 Miles!


Today, we saw Rain and Tahoe quite a bit, as we did a little leap frogging with them, while we hiked on the trail.  We both plan to stay at Harper's Ferry over the Fourth of July.  Rain's parents are planning to meet her as they enjoy a break from hiking.

Today, we also accomplished two big mile marks: the first is the 1,000 mile mark and the second is we crossed the border of Virginia into West Virginia.  Virginia has the most miles of trail in a single state with over 500 miles. 


In the afternoon, we worked through a part of the trail known as the Roller Coaster.  It is 13.5 miles of tightly packed ups and downs. Not quite as much fun as an amusement park, however, not that bad except for the sweat. We got to the camp site around 6:45. For dinner we had ramen.  I decided to put some peanut butter on mine, it did not turn out so well. Never the less, I had to eat it any way.  It was not good.

It was our first full day since Bonnie and Gas Tank left. It was fantastic to hike with them. Even though we did not stay in shelter as often as we planned, we still had other people to talk to when we got to camp. While we were on the trail with them, we slowed our pace down, which made for us at least, a very enjoyable 4 days. Unfortunately Riley's stomach was bothering him, which was very bad. That's how he got the trail name, Gas Tank. It was also nice to be able to spend Gas Tank's birthday with him.  We will miss their great attitude, conversations, and companionship as we move on down the trail.

Miles 26.3

Manassas Gap Shelter to a Stealth Camp Site 

Location: Latitude: 39.13964, Longitude: -77.83377