Day 23...Lessons Learned - Hike Together

Like yesterday, today was very quiet and peaceful.  It turned out that the rest of the group that Toni was with showed up last night very late. I never got the chance to talk to them though, I was asleep when they got there and they were asleep when I left.   


Today, I hiked until I arrived at camp around 6:00 pm and started to make dinner.   I thought I was the only person there, when I hear someone shouting TOM...TOM! , from down the hill. The next thing I know, a guy came walking up the hill and says to me, "Oh your not Tom". He went on to tell me he was waiting for one of the guys in his group and he asked me if I had passed him. I did, but couldn't remember exactly how far back.

After I had finished dinner, the guy that I had passed earlier in the day, finally came hiking up the trail and I told him that I think the rest of his group had set up camp down the hill.

Later, I met another guy named Hopper, on one of the big mountains that I had hiked today.  It was another bald mountain top similar to Max Patch with a great view. (You can see a picture to the right)  When I introduced myself, he said that he had heard of me from a group that he had shared a shelter with a couple of nights ago. I thought that was pretty cool, that other people had been talking about me.

I have only one full day of backpacking by myself before I meet up with David, and then we really get hiking.

Thank you to everyone who has helped to support me by reading my daily blogs, for those who have given financially to support the Mtinko Well Project, and also those who have contributed to my "Help Me Make it to Maine" GoFundMe Account, and for all who have offered your prayers of support. I really appreciate it.

Miles: 24.6

Flint Mountain Shelter to Spivey Gap (unofficial camp site)

Location: Latitude: 36.03130, Longitude: -82.42157