Day 78...Mountains of Vermont


For the first time in a while, I wasn't the first one up in the morning.  Camo had gotten up a few minutes before me. I packed up quickly and we hit the trail together.  It was a fairly steep downhill section of the trail to cross through North Adams, MA.  If only I was going through town closer to lunch time. There is a Papa John's that offers 50% off for thru hikers.  I think the owner was a thru hiker himself.

There wasn't any rain today, but there was a ton of muddy sections on the trail, which turned my dry socks wet and my 'clean' shoes dirty.

A little before noon I crossed into Vermont, now only three more states left to hike; Vermont, New Hampshire and Maine. I found a lovely spot for lunch with a good breeze to dry out my soggy feet and water logged socks.

As the day continued, I hiked until about 8 pm.  When I arrived at the shelter, believe it or not, I was the only one staying there. Later, I did meet a spontaneous traveler named Laura.  She had once booked a plane ticket to Puerto Rico, drank a little too much, and forgot about her trip. Three months later, she recieved an email reminder to check in.  She was surprised -  but went anyway, not have any idea what she was going to do.  Turned out to be a lot of fun.

I was very tired and it was cold, so I ate as fast as I could and I crawled into my sleeping bag.

Miles: 31.1

Wilbur Clearing Shelter to Goddard Shelter

Location: Latitude: 42.97391, Longitude: -73.07220