Day 77..Mt. Graylock

I woke about 10 minutes before my alarm went off. It was a foggy, damp morning. I am only 3 miles outside of Dalton where I planned on buying a couple days worth of food. I was more stiff and sore from yesterday than I have been on this trip. I took some time to really stretch out. 

When I walked into Dalton, I first headed for what I thought may be a grocery store.  After taking a few wrong turns, I finally got there and it turned out to be only a gas station. I was very disappointed, but I had heard from Ice Cream that there was a brand new Dollar General a little past Cheshire MA, 8 miles up the trail from Dalton.

It started to rain when I was about 2 miles out from Cheshire, MA.  It was 11 am-ish. It continued to rain throughout the day until 5 pm.

The trail ran right past the post office, where I had a package waiting. There was a very nice lady working at the post office, who was very helpful. After I had picked up the package which included a new pair of hiking shoes, I needed a dry place to prepare my plans for the next few days. There was a church up the street with a covered entrance, so I stopped there to get out of the rain. After making a few calls, one to my Dad, who along with my sister Kate, was in the middle of hiking up Little Costilla, a mountain in New Mexico. I got back on my way. 

The Dollar General was only a half mile from the post office. Since there had been no trash can at the post office, I carried my old shoes to the store to throw them away there.  Being new, it was a nice Dollar General. They had a electrical outlet outside that I used to charge up my phone and external battery. It also had a trash can out front and hiker box beside it. While shopping I met a lady trail named Cheddar. We talked mostly about the food we have been eating as we shopped, she said "You know it is a bad thing when you walk into a store and nothing looks good." I have started to try to add variety by incorporating more meat and dried fruit to my diet, and the costs sure have gone up. 

After buying about 3 days worth of food, I hit the trail. There was a considerable uphill section about 3 miles long. Not much fun in the rain. Luckily, it wasn't very rocky. The trail went right up to a war memorial on top of Mount Graylock, as you can see in the picture - it is well named. Mt. Graylock is the highest point in MA.  After that it, was back down hill, around this time it had stopped raining. When I got to the shelter, I met Camo and Poppins. 

I hit the sack early this evening, so hopefully I can get in a big day in tomorrow - if there isn't much rain.

Miles 23.5

Kay wood shelter to Wilbur clearing shelter.

Location: Latitude: 42.66780, Longitude: -73.17007