Day 76...Bobcat, Memories, and Ice Cream

Early in the day, I hiked over Cobble Hill and met a man named Bobcat. He was on his second thru hike of the AT.  Bobcat has already hiked more than 15,000 miles of long trails. He had started on his latest Appalachian Trail journey on June 7, and was headed north. He and I talked while hiking for a few minutes, until he had to go to dig a cat hole. The next time I saw Bobcat was after I had finished eating lunch and was about to start hiking again. He hiked past me, then I again passed him as he stopped for lunch.


The terrain was less difficult, so I was able to backpack at a good clip. When I was about 1 mile from my destination, a man passed me and said that the shelter was full, as there was a big group there. I was worried as it had been a long day and the next place to stay was in a town called Dalton MA, another 3 miles beyond the shelter. The only place in Dalton that I could make out was a hotel that was very expensive. I decided to risk the shelter (It was off the trail .2 miles).

When I arrived at the shelter, there were four or five tents set up, but no one actually staying in the shelter. While cooking dinner on the picnic table, I met Memories and Ice Cream, both from Germany. They were very nice. They had a package waiting for them in Dalton and they were debating whether to get up earlier, so they could get to the town and eat breakfast before the post office opened. Or to wake up a little later and go to the post office first. These are the type of hard choices we have to make daily on the trail.

Ice Cream and Memories had set up their tent, so I was the only one in the shelter...again.

Miles 33.4

Location:Latitude: 42.45183, Longitude: -73.16146
Wilcox Mountain South Shelter to Lay Wood Shelter.