Day 73...Different Paths


After Plant and I woke up, we finished redistributing our gear so I had everything I would need to continue hiking on the trail.  After wishing each other the best, we parted company; Plant going southbound towards the train station and I northbound towards Maine. We have shared a lot of memories on the trail.

After 45 minutes of hiking, I came to a road crossing where there was a man, whose trail name is Grrr, performing Trail Magic.  He asked how many hot dogs I wanted and offered me a cold drink, which I gratefully accepted. Over time, Grrr has section hiked almost the entire trail and has attempted a thru hike twice. During the first attempt, Grrr recieved a call from home.  His daughter had been diagnosed with cancer, so he had to head home take care of her. The second time, Grrr had been on a ridge with views for the first time in a while. He was taking photos when a storm blew in. He hustled off the ridge quickly and ended up blowing out his knee. After all that, he is still is working on section hiking the parts of the trail he missed from the first two attempts to thru hike.

After eating, I thanked him and continued hiking.  Shortly after, I came to a view that had a great place to sit down and so I took a short break to type up the blog and send it in.

Today the terrain was pretty tough. There were a few spots where you had to walk down really steep stairs.  You can see the trail blazes on the picture to the right.  It was also dry and extremely hot.

I stopped at Pine Swamp Shelter to make dinner and fill up water. Here I met Captain Bob, a full flop hiker (see blog ‘Coming to Terms’ for hiking definitions) who starting his hike from just north of Harper's Ferry, and a Sobo named Treebeard. Treebeard was the first Sobo hiker whom I have actually had the opportunity to talk. The only problem with our conversation was that we were being swarmed by mosquitoes the whole time. Tree Beard had started his southbound adventure on Jun 10 and he told me about some of the terrain coming up.

I was debating hiking further, but since it was almost 8 pm, I decided to stay. I pitched my tent so that I would not have to deal with the swarms of mosquitoes.  As I was writing tonight, I could hear their steady buzzing just outside.  Tomorrow I have been invited for a visit by a 77 year old Scoutmaster who has been following my blog.  He lives in Connecticut and has generously offered a meal and a rare shower!

Mile: 25.7

Location: Latitude: 41.88148, Longitude: -73.39160
10 mile River Shelter to Pine Swamp Shelter.