Day 42...Blue Ridge Parkway


Sorry for the lack of a blog yesterday, we got into camp around 9 o'clock and went straight to bed.

Today I woke up to the sound of a deer not ten feet from my side of the tent. We hit the trail around 6:20 am. We hiked across the Blue Ridge Parkway about 4 times today and saw some spectacular views.

For lunch we had some cheese and crackers (and meat for me).  Turns out that Vermont sharp cheddar is really sharp. They don't mess around with their cheeses. Some time after lunch I got a tiny tick on my hand, I have no idea when it got on me, but I quickly got him out.


When we arrived at the Bryant Ridge Shelter,  we met a group of hikers that named themselves the Honeypee Rags.  I have no idea and frankly don't what to know how they derived their trail name. They had just stopped to eat at the shelter before hiking on.

For dinner, we had the first of the freeze dried meals of the trail.  David and I each have to eat 2 serving sizes or 1 package each to get enough calories. They were the best dinners we have devoured on the trail so far. David had rice and beans and I had fried rice and chicken. 

These past couple of days, we really haven't run into many people at all. Hopefully that changes.  It is more fun when you get to a shelter and there are people telling stories.

Miles 24.2

Salt Pond Road to Bryant Ridge Shelter

Location: Latitude: 37.52999, Longitude: -79.58578