Day 71...Food for Thought

We awoke up to the sound of a slow drizzle.  It was completely done raining by the time we had packed up and started hiking.

20170721_182811 (1).jpg

Last night I had typed up the blog, saved it as a draft, and was going to send it in the morning. Unfortunately, when I turned on my phone today, it had only the first 2 sentences of the blog saved. Well, I stopped hiking to type it up again and Plant went on ahead.  Just as I was sending the blog, I got a call from Kate, first time in about 2 months.  Kate had hiked the first 13 days with me and is currently working at Philmont Scout Ranch as a backpack guide. She had been woken up at 4:30 am by her crew that was leaving camp. From what she was telling me, it sounded like she was having a blast this summer.

After I had finished talking to Kate, I ran into a day hiker who asked me if I wanted a mostly frozen power aid, he said he usually carried a few cool drinks for

thru hikers. I thanked him and really enjoyed the ice cold drink, a real treat on the trail.

It was not nearly as hot as it was yesterday, but it was still on the hotter side of things.

We realized that we were a meal short, so we looked in the guidebook and found a gas station like place where we could buy some food. We had to hike about 0.4 off the trail. When we got there, we found out it was next to a pizza place.  And since it was already 5:30 pm, we had an early dinner - half pepperoni for me and half cheese for Plant. I went next door and purchased the food while Plant bought the pizza. It was by far the most expensive 3 days worth of food we had bought so far, an unbelievable 69 cents for ramen noodles. Double what it would have cost if we bought it at a Dollar General.

I found out from the lady working there they had a tent site right behind the store, so we set up there for the night on nice soft grass and got a to bed at a nice early 8 pm.

Miles 19.4

Location: Latitude: 41.53448, Longitude: -73.73492
Stealth Camp Site to Mountaintop Deli