Day 70...1,400 miles

Today we crossed the 1,400 mile mark on the Appalachian Trail or almost two-thirds of the way through our expedition.


This morning, I woke up and thought I had slept in, but after finding my watch, it turned out to be 5 am, that was a relief. Like the other day, there were mosquitos swarming around us, so I had a hard time trying to fall back to sleep. Turned out that Plant's back and shoulders got destroyed by the mosquitoes. It reminded me of the time several years ago when Plant and I went on a canoe trip and we forgot to pack the poles to our tent. The mosquitos ate well that night as well.


Climbing over Bear Mountain was a lot easier than I was expecting. When we got to the top, I sent David a message letting him know when we were going to be crossing the Bear Mountain Bridge, just in case my new hip belt had arrived in the mail.  When we had hiked to the bottom of the mountain, I received his reply. The hip belt had just gotten to the post office. David was going to pick it up and meet us at the bridge. We met them just before crossing the bridge over the Hudson River.

Even when we have problems, things just seem to work out. Like the post office in Troutville or my hip belt and our off day; people are in the right place when we need help, and I am very grateful for it.  I know we are the recipient of many prayers and we are very thankful.

We took a few photos and parted ways, after crossing the bridge we climbed a very steep mountain and had lunch.  It was hot today.  I think the temperature reached the mid 90s. 

Around 6:45 pm, we found a good stealth campsite and set up. It started to rain when we were about halfway through dinner. Luckily the tent was up and all of our equipment stayed dry.

Miles 20.9

William Brien Memorial Shelter to Stealth Camp Site

Location: Latitude: 41.38634, Longitude: -73.87963