Day 52...Preparing for the 4th


We slept in until 5:45 a.m., our plan was to meet up with Running Dude at noon to go into Front Royal to resupply. 

As we were hiking Plant shouts "SNAKE!" Apparently I did it again, walked right over a snake without seeing it.  It is no wonder the toes of my shoes have the heaviest wear.  I like to enjoy the views of the trail, and don’t spend enough time looking down at my feet. Anyway, I walked back to see the snake and it was a big feller.

I started to pay more attention to my footfalls, and Plant and I ended up hiking right past the trailhead to the parking lot where we were going to meet Running Dude.  I messaged him once.   When I was able to get a phone signal, it turned out that he did the same thing.  He was in the process of  backtracking to get to his car.  So Plant and I had to hitch hike into town where we bought lunch and food for the next 4 days. Afterwards, we hitched out of town back to the trailhead.  It was our first time actually hitching out of a town.  Each time before, someone has either offered us a ride or pulled over to see if we needed a ride somewhere. 

The afternoon was very warm. Plant and I were dripping in sweat during our hike. When we arrived at the shelter, we met Superman, Yo-Yo, and Buddy. After dinner and before I was about to go to bed, Rain and Tahoe came to into camp. It was great to see them again.  We knew they were going to catch up with us eventually. They were just stopping to cook and then they were going to push on a few more miles that night. They told us that they were going to spend a day or two in Harper's Ferry on the 4th, the same day we planned to as well. This is cool, it sounds like a lot of people are planning on going to Harper's Ferry for the 4th of July. 

Miles: 24.1

Gravel Springs Shelter to Manassas Gap Shelter