Day 69...Blueberries!


I slept soundly through my alarm, but still got up around 6 am, finished packing everything, and headed downstairs to breakfast. We had scrambled eggs with the leftover squash, and toast. We left the house at 7 am.

It took about an hour to drive to back to the trail where we had stopped just two days before.  Once we got there, Plant and I thanked David for his generous hospitality, and said our goodbyes.

It was an interesting section we hiked through today.  It was very rocky and in some places the trail would disappear and you would have to look ahead to see if you could find where it picked back up again. There weren't many blazes in the area. Sometimes you would just hope you were still on the trail.  


Around 2 pm, I stopped to finish typing up the blog for yesterday.  Plant hiked ahead.  15 minutes later, I finished typing and so I hiked faster than I would normally to catch up with Plant.  After an hour, I thought - Man he sure is hiking fast if I haven't caught up with him yet! Around 5:00, I sent him a message saying, “I don't know if you are ahead or behind me, give me a call.”

I continued on, and hiked to the Brien Memorial Shelter when I heard back from Plant. At some point, I must have passed him because he was 40 minutes behind me.  

The blueberries are ripe now and are a welcome find! 

The shelter was similar the last one we had stayed.  There were lots of people in their tents around the shelter, but no one else staying in the shelter.  So, we stayed in the shelter by ourselves.  We found out later that maybe it was the mosquitos that were encouraging others to set up tents.

Only one month left on the trail.

Miles 28.7

David Diesing’s House to William Brien Memorial Shelter.

Location: Latitude: 41.27952, Longitude: -74.05938