Day 66...Scout Magic


Plant and I tried to sleep in this morning, but we were deterred by the mosquitoes buzzing around our heads.

We needed to get to Culvers Gap by 8:30 am, or as close as we could, to meet the Smith family. The Smith family had seen our blog and offered us a meal and a care package as we passed thru. I thought that the gap was 2.5 miles away from our campsite, but it turned out to be 3.4 miles instead. When we arrived at the gap, they were already waiting for us. 


The Smiths treated us out to a diner called Jumboland, where I had 2 fried eggs, hash browns, bacon, and 3 pancakes. They told us that even though the trail was so close to town most people had no idea it was there. Their son Ben is active in scouts.  He had sold enough popcorn to get a free week of summer camp and two kayaks.  I wish I had that dedication and skill when I sold popcorn. It was great to sit there and talk, as they were very lovely company.


After we had finished breakfast, they took us to a state park that was known for its spring that was so pure that people come for miles around to fill up and take the water back to their houses. When we had driven back to the trail head, they gave us a bunch of fruit and snacks. After thanking them, Plant and I got hiking.

As we were hiking, I saw a bear on the trail; but as I saw it, it also saw me, and ran off into the woods.

Around dinner time, we arrived at the Highpoint State Park headquarters, where we had another care package waiting for us from The Anderson's. The Anderson's are another scouting family.  Their care package included a lot of snacks and food including two Mountain House meals, a blister kit (for Plant) and more. We made the Mountain Houses for dinner and added ramen for some extra calories. After dinner we continued to hike until about 9:30 at night, when we decided to stealth camp, which may or may not be permitted in the state of New Jersey, but we were too tired to check.

Miles: 23.6

Brink Shelter to Stealth Site

Location: Latitude: 41.31897, Longitude: -74.61215