Day 65..Trail Magic and Rattlesnakes


When we got up, it was still foggy outside. As the morning went on, the clouds burned off and it turned into a beautifull day. One of the first things we came across on our hike was the Delaware Water Gap. We were surprised to find a town there. While we were crossing the bridge, we also crossed from Pennsylvania to New Jersey.

27 miles of the trail are in the Delaware Water Gap, and these are some of the most beautiful miles of the trail we have encountered so far. We hiked around a lake where we had lunch and then crossed the 1,300 mile mark!

After lunch, I stopped to wait for Plant at a road crossing and there I met a very nice lady performing 'trail magic'. Her trail name is Bird Watcher. She had apples and oranges she was handing out to passing hikers. I sat down and we had a good visit.  Her husband is section hiking the AT. Bird Watcher drops him off in the morning and then she waits for him at a point down the trail to pick him up at the end of each day. (That's the way to do it if you ask me).  He had already hiked the southern half of the trail and is now working on the northern half.


Plant and I continued on and hiked for a while on a ridge, where the trees were not very thick, so we had great views for about a hour. While enjoying the views, I almost tripped over a rattlesnake. I backed off and the snake slowly meandered its way off the trail.

By the time we got to the shelter, it was dark and the shelter was completely empty.  This was surprising, because we saw at least 6 tents set up nearby the shelter. We decided we did not want to cook, so we had had ramen noodles for dinner. 

Miles: 31.2

Location: Latitude: 41.15315, Longitude: -74.83826 

Kirkridge Shelter to Brink Shelter