Day 64...the 3 R's

Rain, Rocks, and Rough Trails.  Plant and I awoke to the sound of rain pelting our tent, it was going to be a wet day of hiking. We had to stop 3 hours into our hike to fill up water at a spring by a shelter about 0.6 miles off the trail.  That was a lot longer then I was expecting, but we did not have a choice, since there wasn't another water source for a good 15 more miles or so (except for the water landing on our heads).


I think that since it was raining, any hikers who could stay in town did and most others did shorter days because of the rain. We only ran into about 4 Northbound hikers and 5 Southbound hikers today.  In the picture you can see the trail is quite rocky, note the white Appalachian Trail blazes on the rocks and trees to guide the way.

The couple George and Alisia were the ones who gave us a ride back to Port Clinton the other day when we resupplied. They had offered us a ride again when we were crossing Fox Gap. But with the rain, unfortunately the timing did not quite work out today.  We will stay in contact with them as we travel.

During our time in New Jersey, there are several people who through scouting have contacted us and offered any assistance we need.  It is sure appreciated and hopefully it will work out that we can visit with each of them on the way.

When we hiked to a shelter in the evening, we were not initially planning on staying there. But we decided to go ahead and spend the night because the rain, the rocks, and the rough trails did a number on Plants feet. So we cut our day short.  There were 4 other people at the shelter; Poppins 2, Chris, Katherine, and Spud (he got his name because he likes to carry potatoes).

Miles: 19.7

Campsite to Kirkridge Shelter

Location: Latitude: 40.93643, Longitude: -75.18613