Day 63...The Austrian


This morning we needed to do some planning to see how much food we should buy when we got to town. We pulled out the guidebook and set to work. As we were planning, we saw a note in the book saying that it is illegal to hitch hike in New York, so we had to adjust our initial plan, since the only way we have really been getting into towns has been to catch rides with passing cars.

We started hiking at about 7 am.  After a mile, the terrain got interesting. We had to hop from rock to rock and then there were some sections where we had to walk on the edge of the rock and hope we did not slip.


When I got to the road that led into Walnutport PA, where we planned on buying food and picking up a package from the post office, a hiker came up the trail after me.  He asked what stores were in town and how far away it was. I told him there is a Kmart and Dollar General, and it was 2 miles down the road. He asked me what a Kmart was and honesly, I really did not know a good way of describing it. We talked while I waited for Plant.  It turned out the man I was talking to was from Austria, and his trail name was The Austrian. He told me that he had started hiking on the trail beginning April 1st.

When Plant joined us a few minutes later, we all started to try to hitch a ride into town. It took almost as long as it did the other, day when we were trying to hitch into Port Clinton, but eventually we got a ride.

The Austrian and I went in to Dollar General to buy food and Plant went to find lunch and a place to charge up the batteries. After we were done with our shopping, The Austrian and I went over to the pizza place.  I dropped off the food with Plant and walked over to the post office to pick up my shoes. 

When we had finished eating and packing up all the food, The Austrian, Plant, and I walked to a good place to try to hitch hike back to the trailhead. We had much more success this time, a man with a pickup pulled over and asked if we were headed back out to the trail, and he invited us to hop in the back.

At the trailhead, we parted ways with The Austrian and started our climb up the mountain. It was so steep that we had to climb using our hands.  I sure was glad that I had a new pair of shoes.  It was also very hot and we immediately started sweating. Next thing I knew, I had sweat through my shirt completely. When we finally got through the hard part of climbing, it started to sprinkle, then to rain, and then to really pour. It rained for the rest of the day. We were both soaked to the bone by the time we arrived at our camp site.

Miles: 21.1

Tripoli Camp Site to Camp Site 

Location: Latitude: 40.81864, Longitude: -75.45340