Day 32...Dog named Bear

6/12 part 2.  Once I arrived in town and got off the Shuttle Bus, which was about 20 miles from the trailhead, I realized that I had forgotten to bring my phone charger.  My phone battery was about to die and it turned out that I could not charge it again until next day. That's why this blog is so late.

After I finished shopping at Wal-Mart, I went to a Chinese buffet, which was great. After eating, I returned to the shuttle stop and met a couple of other hikers who had stopped in town, Winger and Hide.

When I got back to the shelter with the supplies, David was waiting for me. We decided to order a pizza from Pizza Hut, as they delivered to the visitor center which is a stones throw from the shelter. A few of the other campers staying in the shelter and in the tents around the shelter, also ordered pizza with us.

After eating, we sat around telling stories. A man named Rain told us about how last year when he was hiking with his dog named Bear,

he and his dog were staying at a shelter and Bear jumped into someone else's tent.  Rain went running over to the tent shouting BEAR, BEAR! to get his dog's attention.  The people in the tent, not being able to see very well because it was dark and the dog was solid black,  freaked out and bolted out of their tent, trying to make as much noise as possible.