Day 32... a run to the store


Today we decided to split up our hiking together, just for the day, in order to secure food. David and I got out of bed especially early at 5:00, and I hit the trail at 5:30 am.  David left camp about 20 minutes after I did. The goal for me, was to backpack quickly to the Mt. Roger Visitor Center 21.4 miles away by 2:15 pm, to catch the last shuttle into town.  

I sprinted and arrived at the visitor center by 1:45 pm in time to catch the last bus.  When the shuttle drove up, 2 other people and I climbed aboard.  The driver told us to "Buckle up, because this is Nascar Country and we drive like it."  He really did, leaning into the curves. 

I will have to send the rest of the blog later, but suffice it to say we completed our run to the store.

Miles 21.4

Fox Creek to Partnership Shelter

Location: Latitude: 36.69602, Longitude: -81.50606